Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Has It Really Come To This???

As many of you know, Scott tore his achille's tendon...right off the bone. He had surgery 3 weeks ago. He went in last week to get his cast off...and yes, they put another one on! NOOOOOOOO, say it isn't so...two and half more weeks. He came home with this handicap tag. Okay, here's the deal...I'm 36 and as much as I hate this tag and think "what the heck has happened to us"...I'm actually giddy about this whole thing. The fact that we have "special parking privleges"...is so exciting to me. Is this so bad of me? I mean, seriously, think of this..Scott had brain surgery last year and couldn't even walk on his own...yet...no handicap tag...and I was 9 months pregnant! NOOOOOWWWW they decide to give him this tag....uuummm, a little late. I will be honest...this leg thing has actually probably been worse than bringing Scott home after a stroke. He can't do anything. Our lawns are overgrown. He can't pick up the baby. He has to manuver the stairs on his butt. He can't carry anything.

Help has arrived...in addition to our lovely handicap tag...which I'm sure people will glare at me if I come strutting out the car with no wheelchair or limp...today, a knee walker arrived.

I can't stopped laughing about this thing. It's so hilarious. It reminds of the little dog on that movie Babe. His back legs didn't work so he had this little contraption that he would run around in. It looked something like this. I told Scott to decorate his up.

So to sum up the events of today...my age just went from 36 to 66. Handicap tags and leg walkers. I'm just glad we saved the arm rail and shower chair from when he had his stroke...it's really come in handy. Oh, the little joys in life.
With one leg, Scott's new nickname is Eileen. I'm so politically incorrect, I know...but with what's happened in my life...for some reason, I don't really care. Oh, the little joys in life. I will have more update on his progress.
(club Nouveau is so lame but I couldn't find a better song...so here's to a little 80's nostalgia, since we are getting so old)
To be continued...


and_she_makes_four said...

I read that and just pee'd my pants.

Reminds me of the good days earlier this year with Bart.

Oh, I can't beleive your 36, will you turn 37 this December?

My crazy crazy life said...

yes, and i'm not happy about it at all!

Mary Schneider said...

#1..could you please video tape Scott going up the stairs on his butt??!!

Scott's wheelchair cart thingy is hilarious. Eli had one of those things and I laughed my butt off the first time I saw him with it...isn't that aweful??!!

Doug and I spent the day at the orthopedics office getting our hip, shoulder (Doug) and ankles (me) checked out. He said he felt like we were old farts. I said I felt like we were Hortons. Swear to God...it was that bad, we actually felt like Hortons.

I've got to stop typing...I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

My crazy crazy life said...

I love donna's quote...Scooter gets a Scooter!

Sunny said...

omg, that is too funny! is he really having to use that everywhere he goes? you should get him a pinwheel to stick in the cart, like the dog has! Lol!

Days said...

The dog made me smile. Funny :D
Scott is going through so much. But this one is pretty funny.

You guys are NOT old! And dont even say it. Your the same age as my mom. lol