Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm determined to do it!

So I started walking a few months ago. It was going great...the knees were hanging in there. Two weeks in to the process, I started getting this horrible pain in my side...next thing I know...I'm getting rolled into emergency appendix surgery. Was this my omen?? My wakeup call??? Should I stop walking...I think not...workout demons, get behind me! So I started walking again and told Scott he was going to walk with me...next thing I know...he's limping home with a torn achilles tendon...uggghhh....is there no end in sight??? My cousin from Tennesse is coming down to walk the 1/2 mile PF Changs Rock and Roll marathon in January. I'm determined to walk it with her. Of course I'm scared that I won't be able to finish and be completely humiliated when the little cart has to come by and pick me up. At the rate I'm going now as far as training, I'm pretty much going to throw up or faint within the first 2 miles.
I have no idea what's going to motivate me to get my butt going again. I'm so tired all the time, my back hurts, the house is a mess, the kids are crying...I could go on and on. But then I step one foot out that door in that 70 degree weather and the thrill of it all comes rushing back. So tomorrow I offically start the walking process again. The little boys are good sports about it. But you should see me huffing and puffing pushing that giant double stroller around our neighborhood. I'm working on one mile this week but next week I'm going to walk the full 2 miles right into Chick Fil A and get me a chicken sandwich...my reward..right???
I'm planning on taking the kids on a 1 mile fun run this Saturday...we'll see. If I can get a babysitter for the little ones, I'm there! I think it's a great idea and a good example to Sydney and Gavin about excercise. Because right now, I'm not cutting it as a role model in the excercise dept. So stay tuned, you might see me on the news crossing the finish line...or maybe on the news getting air evac-ed to the nearest hospital.


Melissa said...

Jamie Girl,you go!!! I'm with you!! (figuratively) of course. Aunt Yvonne
On Missy's screen.

Mary Schneider said...

Why is so hard to find the time, energy...whatever, to do the things you enjoy and that are good for you??!!

I think you'll be fine to do the 1/2 by January. It's going to be a blast (I'm trying to train as well....we'll see).