Friday, October 3, 2008

Today's Luke's Special Day

So I started this thing where I want to take each of my kids out to have a day with just Mommy and Daddy. I got the idea off Jon and Kate plus 8. We have four kids now and sometimes finding the time to give them their invidual attention is extremely challenging. I talked to Sydney and Gavin about the idea and asked them what they thought. They were all over it! We didn't start with Luke for any particular reason except that he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a few months ago, I saw that it was coming to Disney on I decided to buy tickets and he would be our guinea pig on this whole "special day" thing. Of course he has no idea what I'm talking about. I've been talking about his special day for weeks now and he just gets this frown on his face like "I'm not stop calling me that". Today when he woke up, I shouted "it's your special day today". He frowned again and said "I don't want to go...I just want stay home and play video games"....uhhhh, can you say "uni-bomber".
I'm kinda getting bummed about the whole thing because I want him to be excited and he's not. He's 3. I think I'm expecting too much. My other dilemma is that I would love to take Dylan. After all he is free and he is so interested in everything. Then again, all 11 month olds are interested in everything. I think Dylan would LOVE it but it's not his's Luke's....even though I don't think Luke gets it and he for sure doesn't appreciate it.
I think I will decide at the last minute about Dylan because I know that once we get there and it's just Luke, it will be so much fun to interact with him. We really are never alone with just one of our kids at a time so as I write them, I'm sure I won't take Dylan. It'll be fun to see how Luke handles it and soaks it all in.


Mrs.Misuraca said...

I think what you are doing is a great idea!! You know even though we are parents of a "single" child we decided a while back to try something similar. One of things that Austin has said was that even though he loves having a dad and that we have added to our family, sometimes he misses having his mom to himself and all our special time we would spend together.
So I decided to make time to at least once a month arrange a fun outing for he and I to do just the two of us. In addition Val will do the same with just him and Austin so that they can have some alone time to build on there growing bond. All in all I guess the learned lesson is that all kids love having moments with there parents where they truly feel our 100% prescence with them, our undivided focus and attention...and to be honest in this busy, hectic world wether we are a family of 3 or of 6 or maybe even bigger than that, is that it is hard to say that there are many opportunities presented in our days and weeks where we can honestly say we get to give this to our children.
Bravo Jaime!! :)

Tonya N. said...

It's so wonderful that you are taking time out with each one of your kids. I know they will appreciate it as they grow up and it's definately something you as a mom may need. I find it very hard to just find 15 mins. to read to the kids, go over homework, make dinner, laundry, baths, meetings, service, and my job. You always bring encouragement to all of us as a mom and friend by always trying your best!! Keep up the deserve the best for your family. Thanks for always sending pictures...I love seeing how much your kids have grown, cuz I don't get to see you guys much. Take Care! (It was nice seeing you last weekend)

Mary Schneider said...

Luke is such a riot. He'll have a blast with you guys.

Sarah Lossing said...

OK, you are so Jon and Kate Plus 8. Im sure Luke Loved his Special Day.