Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Follow Up to "My Wonderful Little Pumkin"

You have no idea how much I love this little guy! He seriously has been begging me to blog him so this morning I told him I would blog about him before he left to Mexico. So right after school today, he came running in the door right into the office to check my blog to see if I blogged about him....(I can't believe he remembered). So he read my blog and I look over at him and he's crying. Of course I'm mortified thinking that i've said something to embarrass him but in fact, he was crying because he said it made him sad and happy all at the same time. It was like a huge gust of emotion just came over him. It made my heart swell with so many emotions...I can't even explain! I asked him if he wanted me to change it and he shook his head no but said could I please change the music because it made him sad for some reason. I felt so bad and horrible that I had not blogged him well. I told him I would put any song on this blog for him so he asked me to put Soulja boy on...well...hellooo, that song totally has bad words in it..of course I didn't know this until I googled the lyrics. Geez, I've been mumbling out bad words not even knowing they were bad words because I never know the words to any songs. Anyhoo, he then said he wanted Hey Ya by Outkast so I did it but the blog just didn't feel the same. Soooo, I put both songs on once he left the office...hehehe. I hope to blog about something else before he gets back from Mexico or he's going to kill me for putting this song back on.
BTW: To understand what I'm talking about...read my blog below 6


TinaB said...

That's cute - now you have to blog Syd - that will be exhausting.hehe

My crazy crazy life said...

I know, right??? I told her I'm working on it...she was like "what's the big deal"...I told her "you have no idea!"

Mary Schneider said...

He's so complex! Where does he get it from??!! Laughing one minute, crying the next, red hair....I can't figure it out! Ha!!

OK, the Sydney post...that'll be a good one! I'll need a martini and a kleenex to get through it. Be sure to mention that she was the most beautiful baby girl ever!!