Monday, October 6, 2008

Luke's Big Special Day!

Well we did it...barely! It was so crazy by the time the kids came home from school and to my complete dismay, Scott came hobbling home from work. He hurt himself playing basketball during his lunch hour. He could barely walk. I was so exhausted and the thought of getting all the kids ready (Sydney, Gavin and Dylan were going to Tina's....btw...thank you Tina for watching them for me) and getting Luke ready and trying to help Scott, was about throwing me over the edge. I laid down in my bed and actually got teary eyed. I thought...this is horrible. One day I try to do something nice for my kids and I can barely move...I felt like my arms and legs weighed 5000 lbs. Tina called and was like "get up and get ready and get over here". She knew I would feel better once I got ready and was out the door. She was right. I dragged myself out of bed, got the kids all ready, packed their bags and we were off. Luke was finally excited to go!
Well, I'm such an idiot! I thought it was Disney on wasn't. It was a giant play with all the Playhouse Disney characters...Handy Manny, Pooh, Little Einsteins...etc. It was so lame. Me and Scott kept looking at each other and texting each other completely making fun of it...hahahaha, we are so immature. But of course, to Luke, we portrayed it as the BEST THING EVER!!! He really enjoyed it! So even though I don't think Luke realized the extent of his "Special Day"...I know he really appreciated getting to finally sit between Mommy and Daddy and not fighting with any of the other kids to get that spot. And I wasn't holding a baby, I was holding Luke in my arms. I think he thought that was pretty cool. It was all about him and he loved it.
One of the things I loved most about it too, was that Sydney and Gavin were excited for him. I loved that they were happy for him and really got into it. I can't wait for their special days now. We haven't picked out what we're doing but they are really thinking about it and they are going to make it good and with the prices today...I'm pretty sure we're going to go broke in the process...Hahahaha...but they are only young once and it's all worth it!


Mary Schneider said...

Yeah Luke! How fun for him. I can't wait to see what Sydney and Gavin come up with. You guys are going to have to start a seperate savings account to pay for this!!

Mary Schneider said...

Oh, by the way, be sure to post pictures of "Scott's Big Day" tomorrow!!

Mrs.Misuraca said...

Sounds like your idea turned out great...certainly worth all of the effort in the end right? :)
The pics are super cute..he looks all partyed out!
Hope all goes well today for you guys- look forward to reading about it soon! ;)