Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Born Day #4

Today my Baby Dylan has been in this world for one solid year! Dylan came into this world during troubled times but he didn't let that get to him. I was really worried about him, but was torn because my worry was also for Scott at the time. I was 7 weeks pre-delivery when Scott fell ill. I lost 10 pounds in those last 7 weeks. I knew Dylan could feel my pain and he didn't cause me much trouble. I have to say that the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy were pretty easy as far as pregnancies go. Dylan just knew what I was going through and so he just hung out and bided his time. When things started to get rough, he also was time. He came 2 weeks early.

So sometime mid-afternoon
(after 4 kids who remembers the time),
on November 5th, last year, my full chemical baby was born.
(Dylan was my only child born with drugs...Poor Dylan)

But let me tell you, if someone told me that epidurals would have brought such precious cargo to me like this, I would have had one with all my births.

He pretty much eats or drinks whatever I give him and then some!

He is the kindest most gentle sweet thing I have ever had so close to me in my life. He is like a breath of fresh air.

He pretty much goes to whoever I hand him too and likes it!

And he does Acrobatics...imagine that!

He's happy all the time.

I'm not kidding folks...the kids is seriously happy

He is so special in my heart for so many reasons, but see...we share alot in common....first and foremost, he's a redhead.
That's obvious.

Gavin's partial to the red hair too...for obvious reasons as well.

But Dylan and I are both #4 in our birth order.

I know with my whole being and soul that I was not only meant to have Dylan in my life but that he is our last child to be born from my womb. I like to think we ended this on a sweet note and his name is Dylan Michael Horton.
(Named after our dear friend Gary Michael Day)
(Can only imagine what Gar would have to say about another redhead)

I love that he has such a kind and loving soul and spirit. I love how he's so easy going. so many ways completes me and makes me a better mother and a better person!

His chubby cheeks are scrumptous!

I absolutely love his striking blue eyes that he shares with his brother Gavin, my mother, and his auntiesTina and Denise.
I love how they look like big almonds that kinda droop in the corners.

And...I love that on his fattest of days, he looks like my favorite comedian,
Chris Farley.

We Love You Bobo!


Days said...

Aww, I cant believe hes 1 already! Time goes by too fast.

I didnt know he learned how to walk! :D All I remember is him standing and not being able to get himself to sit down.

Lots of amazing pictures. Love the one with the close up on his eyes.


Sarah Lossing said...

What a sweetie. I love that this blog is just long enough that you can get through the whole song while reading it. The pictures almost seem choreographed. Give him a kiss from me and our baby Vienna.

Mandy said...

What a beautiful little boy. He's precious and you are one lucky mama!

Mary Schneider said...

He's a beautiful boy. You are blessed to have him!