Saturday, November 15, 2008

No way!!! I Never Knew This.

Okay, I'll be honest, I love to read up on all the politics but because my stance is neutral, I tend to drive people a little nuts. But just because I'm neutral doesn't stop me from reading up on what our crazy country is doing because..well...I live here and need to stay informed. So...I found this article (you can read it here or by clicking on article) and it totally floored me. Apparantly the President of the United States cannot email, text message or instant message anyone. WHAT?????

The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is not even allowed to have a lap top. Is that the craziest thing you ever heard? I don't think I've ever seen Obama without that Blackberry in his hand. How will he adjust to this new life? Actually do I really care...NO!

But it does make you wonder. I mean I live on the computer's my therapy... my outlet ... my everything ... okay, well, not my everything but pretty darn close. I can't even get up a #4 talk for the school without my computer. How do you research anything without a computer? Well I'm being a little dramatic, the president apparanly can use a computer but can't have a laptop or Blackberry. That is just plain WEIRD! I guess being a stay at home mom has its advantages over being a president of a giant nation.


Days said...

Thats crazy. I never knew that either. It just makes you wonder what else you dont know, or what else the president CANT use!

I mean, bodygaurds follow his kids around school. They always stand in front of their bed room doors. A bit creepy, in my opinion.
(btw, I learned all that in social studies)


My crazy crazy life said...

I know..I makes you wonder. Those poor kids...having their dad run for president has completely stripped them of all of their sad.

Anonymous said...

I heard he is keeping his blackberry and will be the first president to use this as well as email...internet..etc..