Friday, November 7, 2008

I finally did it!

With scott's leg a-mending, he has not been able to do the normal things he "sometimes" does...which mowing the lawn would fall into that category. I have cried and moaned and groaned about you all know from reading my Facebook. And I did it just in the nick of time...the grass was totally dying.

But I finally got off my butt and mowed the darn thing. I know it's just a mere SNAP of grass...but it's MY snap of grass and

Who knew mowing the lawn could be so much fun!

Even if it's going to cost me later with major itchies! And allergies!

But it was fun and that darn grass LOOKS GREAT! Don't you think??

Now if I could just get the winter grass planted before the big freeze....any volunteers?


Whitney Johnson said...

Hi, there! Thanks for checking in my blog. Make sure you leave a comment anytime today (Friday) through Sunday so that you can be included in the give-away. Oh - sweet, sweet, kids!! Love your pics. :)

TinaB said...

Isn't that the hat me and Jana bought in Hollywood for Scott?
Oso me no like Scott if he don wear it.

My crazy crazy life said...

Hahahaha, that's totally the hat...we play with that thing all the time! No lie, I walked in the other day and Scott had it on his head...we LOVE the hat seriously!

Mary Schneider said...

The yard looks great! However, I think I would have paid someone to do the yard. Now that Scott knows you can do it....and you had fun doing it no'll be mowing the lawn for the rest of your life. (just teasing)

and_she_makes_four said...

Your eyes look amazing!

j & j dish it out said...

Jen, you are too kind! I had no makeup on...I think I look terrible and my gray is showing but it was fun to hang with the boys...we had a blast that day! Great memories!

Scott said...

I have to say Jaime has stepped up to the plate since my injury. She has been cooking up a storm (see her other blog), blogging and even doing the lawn. Just wanted to tell Jaime I LOVE her and thank her for being such a good wife and mom! Hofpefully I can stay off the injured list next year.

My crazy crazy life said...

awwwww, Scott, that's sweet of you but don't leave guilt comments...I know you only left this because I so lovingly pointed out to you last night that I don't think you notice how hard I work...nice try buddy...where's my flowers??? better yet...where's my new laptop???