Thursday, November 13, 2008

Car Wash Gone Bad

So me and the kids washed the car the other day. I know...we're crazy.
We should have just taken it in to the real car wash. To be honest, it looks like crap. There are streaks everywhere and it doesn't have that coco/vanilla/new car scent that you get when you go to the "real" car wash.
And we froze our butts off.

We shouldn't have started in the back of the car, because when we went around to the front...this is what I found....



Days said...

Thats good that you washed it! But.. not so good about the streaks... and the phone.

Does your phone still work?


My crazy crazy life said...

Yes, it still works. thanks!

Days said...

Good! And no problem :D

Jen said...

that is sooooooooo funny

Mary Schneider said...

Ha..too funny!