Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reply All - The Anti-LOL

Okay, so I've been known in the past to send out huge mass emails. And then for like days on end everyone on my mass emails is getting replies back. For years, I've loved this because I felt like everyone was in an ongoing conversation, kinda like at a party, but recently, I had to learn the hard way how annoying this is.
Scott (my hubby), hates it when I put his email address on a mass email. First off, he's a City employee which makes him a target if someone was to ever write anything questionable in these mass replies. Front page news: CITY EMPLOYEE'S EMAIL TRACKED DUE TO REPLY ALL.

Secondly, he hates logging in and finding 250 messages with "LOL" or "HAHAHAHAHA" written in them. I mean come on people...who really cares if you're laughing out loud at your desk. It really only matters to the people that you're really close too. Joe's cousin's brother's wife's kid doesn't really care if you're rolling on the floor laughing your butt off. (Well he's a kid...maybe he does care, but his mom or dad at work REALLY doesn't care)

I never could understand when people would write me back and say "please take me off this email list because this is my work email". My usual response back was "okay Debbie Downer" or "reeeeaaaaarrrrr". My friend Lisa can totally relate to this. We've had many a conversation over these people that don't want to be part of our "reply all" frenzy.

But recently, like I said, I became the victim in one of these mass emails. I was put on an email list with 50 other people that I didn't know. And for a week I was getting responses back..."LOL", or "you are so funny Cindy" or "that would totally be you Frank"...WHO THE HECK IS FRANK??? It was sooooo annoying!!!

So let me apologize now to all those people that I have ever had to put through this complete and utter nonsense. I really didn't get it until now. I will be following Scott's lead in the future and instead of reading these 50 responses...instead, it will just be DELETE!!!!


So since I've sent this blog posting out, I've had some good responses...I had to share a few...I'm sure these people are going to kill me but they were too good to pass up!: (I've used only initials to protect the innocent)

OMG I love it! I heard this statistic that 1 in 12 people hit "reply-all" on those mass e-mails. Well since you added me to your list, I've never seen so many "reply-all" -ers in my life! You have a really social bunch of friends! I've never been confident enough to hit the dreaded "reply-all" button. But I'm glad you "saw the light". Ha haha!

I'm so glad you finally realize I'm not a total jerk for hating reply all, soooo glad. :)

Thanks folks, I am glad I've seen the light also!

Don't you just love how I do something and can't see it any other way, but once it gets on my nerves, I hate it, and I'm going to make sure everyone else knows it!


Anonymous said...

Red tell me how you really feel.

My crazy crazy life said...

Jana, don't I always???

My crazy crazy life said...

Jana, BTW, you really need to get a blog going!

Joie de vivre said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute. And the song, "I'm sorry" just added to the whole cuteness of the apology.

and_she_makes_four said...

OMG you are the queen of reply all emails. I hate when a convo is started and I get 200 reply back emails....the sad thing is that I read all the emails and start replying back to everyone too.

Buster's Pearl said...

Personally, I've never understood the reply-allers. I am a big fan off the "bcc" button, so that others do not see others email addresses and ask others to only "bcc" me too.

"Seeing the light".....aren't we all like that? We don't see the light until it gets on our nerves!!!

That's why facebook is so great! Then people only have to read if they want to, right?

My crazy crazy life said...

Beth, the problem with Facebook is I can't help myself...I just have to read it all, even if I don't want's maddening! My hubby says I have OCD??? What the heck is he talking about? I gotta run, I need to check my facebook to see if I got anymore messages...PEACE OUT!

Sunny ;D said...

Well I've yet to have issues with this. The first time I got hit on one of the "reply all" mails. I thought I had become the most popular girl in school!

See, I'm a nerd!

banana said...

Jaime Jaime Jaime i wrote my first blog... how do i send it to you .

banana said...


Anna Lefler said...

OMG, most of the parents in my kids' classes don't seem to understand the "reply all" curse at all. I'll get flooded with replies for days about who can work the carpool lane shift...and who can't...and why...

Shoot me.

:^) Anna

Dah Gooz said...

I am a reply all Junkie! I hope it never, ever gets on my nerves because once I've had the taste...I could never go back! To think, only one person reading my "LOL"? I'm shuddering just thinking about it...

~micahgirlaz~ said...

My company is OBSESSED with 'reply to all'. It's always somebody that wants recognition for actually doing there job.

And while I'm on that angry tirade, I have to say that I hate how liberal people are with 'LOL'. Especially mid-sentence! "Hello, I'm going to say something I say amusing here, LOL, and now I will say something about how amusing I think I am, LOL..." UGH!

Tell me, did you really Laugh OUT-LOUD?! Or are you trying to amuse either myself or you or both? You won't get an LOL from me, EVER unless I actually heard myself burst out in laughter. Nor will you receive a ROTFL, unless I actually get on the floor and roll around, which is very dirty so that means NEVER.

I should just blog this, sorry. :/

~micahgirlaz~ said...

I spelled 'their' wrong. Dang it. grrrr