Friday, January 23, 2009

Dieters CANNOT Have A Social Life

So I'm already stressed about this weekend. The feeding frenzy starts today. We have to go to dinner at Oregano's tonight for my sister and brother-in-law's 20 year anniversary. EEK!!! Pasta and Pizza = Fat Jaime!

And then tomorrow we go to the matinee showing of Lion King.

Afterwards we are going to Monti's La Casa Vieja on Mill. Double EEK!! They have the best bread EV-A!!!

I am so torn about what to do. First off, I want to REALLY enjoy myself this weekend. Really enjoying myself means EATING EATING EATING.

Here's my dilemma: Do I go out, have a good time, eat what makes me happy and pay the consequences later...I can always just diet another 3 or 4 weeks, right?

Or do I keep it simple, like order a salad and not eat the flippin yummy rosemary bread at Monti's

and the ooey gooey yummy pazookie at Oregano's,

and pretty much be miserable and watch everybody else order up and eat up?

What to do, what to do!!!???


Sunny said...

Yum, all the best resteraunts!! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead. "French Women Don't Get Fat" (my bible :D) says a slice of bread or two WITH a meal is one of our greatest pleasures. It says just not to eat bread before your first course is served (probably because if you're like me, you'd eat the whole basket!) I ♥ bread!!

Chef E said...

I have to stay away from restaurants that have the bread they serve warm with lots of butter!

I have a feeling I might have to make my own 'Cheddar Biscuits' tonight, now that you have put the idea into this dieter's head, lol

~micahgirlaz~ said...

I love Oregano's!! I love their shrimp salad. A possibility?

I don't know what else to say. I can't keep weight on. :( Sorry.

My crazy crazy life said...

Micah, I hate you!!!

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

Oy that is a tough one. One night isn't too bad but 2 nights is tricky. I say pick your favorite and eat enjoy. Have one piece of pizza and a salad. Have bread (my weakness too!) and a broth based soup??? Just stay away from cream sauces on your pasta!!! Butter, heavy cream, and cheese OH MY...I just drooled a little on the key board. good luck sista!

Dah Gooz said...

Hey...Listen to guy that lost 70 pounds. I used to be 241, now I am 171. The key is not dieting...that only leads to yo-yo dieting, which means you'll be forever trapped...eating crazy weekend, starving yourself the rest of the week. They key is to CHANGE your eating habits. You have to convince yourself that eating right consisitently is worth it to you. How you feel and how you look. I've trained myself to eat out with all my friends, and at first it was hard. I felt deprived. But, not anymore. Now, when I eat my salad and they are packing away the processed sugars and fats, I know that I will never again feel like I did before. It is a permanant change. So, face your fears, enjoy the socialization with your friends and family and DO NOT feel bad about making good choices. In time, your sense of well-being will outweigh the feeling of missing out. Trust me! I've been there. You can do it.:-)

Joie de vivre said...

Enjoy the food, just eat slowly, chew every bite thoroughly, and try to be the last one finished.