Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I'm going to be honest, I'm not a football fan. In fact, I somewhat hate sports. Maybe it's because I'm a basketball widow when the NBA season starts and it's so irritatating. BUT when the team that Scott is rooting for is actually winning, then all kinds of my fun awesomness busts out! So now I'm all over being a HUGE Cardinals fan. For years, I thought they were so lame and they stunk...well, because they did. But now...Super Bowl....YEAH BABY!!!! So I can't say I've been loyal for a very long time but NOW I'm totally a fan. The best part of this?? We are playing the Steelers.
And what makes it even more interesting, my husband's family is HUGE Steeler fans.
This is Scott's crazy cousins Amy and Melissa. They go to Pittsburgh in the dead of winter to watch football games because...yes...they are those type of fans....COO COO!
Of course, there is no way they aren't going to root for the Steelers, but how can they NOT support Arizona, their awesome home state? This is going to be very fun and very interesting. Let the razzing begin!!! So for now, I'm a HUGE sports fanantic because it's party central all up in here in Phoenix. It's going to be CAR-RAZY!!!
Can I get a Whoop Whoop....GO CARDINALS!


~micahgirlaz~ said...

I'm like you, I don't really follow sports. My husband doesn't get obsessed with any sports really, so it's kindof nice, (except we watch Supercross here and there).

But, even I wanted to watch both games yesterday! I'm proud of our Cardinals, (for once), so we'll have to watch the Super Bowl for sure!

I'm actually excited about football! Who knew?!

Anonymous said...

It's spelled "Pittsburgh".

My crazy crazy life said...

Thank Anonymous!!! Now go back and read the post and understand the real's called "all in good fun". But really, thanks for the grammar correction shout out!

My crazy crazy life said...

Amy, was that you getting your "razzing" on??? Correcting my spelling? Trust me, girl, I'm going to be rubbing it in like crazy! GOOOO CARDINALS!!!

and_she_makes_four said...

I still can't beleive AZ is going to the bowl, how crazy is that!! Should we have a S-Bowl party?

O.k., off to finish up my update on my blog...

Catch ya later love,


Mrs.Misuraca said...

Well you already know that it is all about the Cardinals in this house... Even though I dont really follow I would be committing some type of unforgiveable sin if I didnt jump on the bandwagon supporting the red bird team... :)
That might be grounds for divorce..haha.. :) So Val says GO CARDINALS!!! I think that if they win Val should have to blog about it on my Blog...what do you think?

Anonymous said...

I will be half way around the world, in Venice...the most romantic city on Earth..where I'll be LOOKING FOR A SPORTS BAR to watch the SUPERBOWL! GOOO CARDINALS!! lol ~ Kat

Mary Schneider said...

I'm not allowed to root for any team other than the Vikings, but it's pretty cool that Cardinals won! It will make watching the Super Bowl a lot of fun.

jae said...

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for AZ !! I'm a cradle Steelers fan BUT I grew up & lived in AZ for my whole life. I'm currtently in west PA because I got married 7 yrs ago & his job keeps him in PA (for a a few more yrs). He a PA native & and a PGH Fan since birth BUT he likes other teams including AZ (even before he met me) so now he's really adopted all AZ Pro teams. We are red Cards fans in a sea of black & gold. Because of the Steeler's owner blatently backing a Prez candidate (happened to be BHO) but it wouldn't matter as I think sport & politics should be kept separate. So no more Steelers for us. We kept telling my AZ friends/family, "You have the Whis now, things will be different"
PA born but AZ raised & proud!
West US in the house !