Friday, January 2, 2009

It's All About Me!

So it was told to me by a certain someone, to remain unnamed, that another certain someone , who also will remain unnamed, said that I talk about myself alot....on a blog. Wait, did I just say "a" blog...I'm sorry, I meant "MY" blog. I was, at first, a little surprised. Then it went to irritation. Then it went to feeling bad about myself (obviously what the complainer was shooting for). Now it's just plain "I don't give a crap" and actually I have to say, it has definitely moved on to laughter. I think it's hilarious that someone is actually clicking on my blog link, reading it, and then getting off the blog to complain about me talking about myself ALOT. Last I checked, reading a blog is a "choice", not a demand. Seems to me there are some curious folks out there and they really want to see what's up with my life but then walk away and talk about me...for some reason, I'm kinda like Fly Paper to those kind of freakys. Don't get me wrong, I love it when people stop by, and really really love it when they comment. But I blog for one reason and one reason only...OUTLET! I think I got some things I need to get off my chest and instead of taking pencil to paper, I take fingers to keyboard. It's great therapy and if it makes people laugh in the process, then I feel like I'm helping make the world a happier place. Pure Narcissism at it's best, right???

A blog I like to read every so often is C Jane, and today I checked her blog and it was about someone leaving a comment on her blog about her being self-centered. I couldn't believe it when I read it because this comment about me being self-centered was just made a few days ago...weird timing on that. So I left her a comment and another fellow blogger, Nicole saw my comment and decided to write about being self-centered on her blog. She summed it up beautifully...she said:

"Bloggers are confident rather than self centered, and tend to be more of an extrovert in personality. they are social, outgoing, and for the most part articulate. I would guess that most have at least some education beyond high school and many have graduated college. They are probably verbal learners and not overly shy. In a nut shell they are confidant, empowered, and comfortable in life, and in who they are, and what they believe."

Oh and did I mention that she referenced MY blog, you can read about it, I'm famous...oh and by that last comment, obviously also Narcissistic.

Next Week's Topic: Sarcasm 101

Stay Tuned!


Katschi (Karen) said...

And here I thought it was all about ME. huh.

Antsbatch said...

I don't care if it means you're self centered (which, clearly, it does) I LOVE your blog!!!

Joie de vivre said...

I identify with this so much and have to laugh. I have a friend who also thought it narcissistic that people would have blogs. Then she went and started one of her own. :) Ah, I like your philosophy of just not giving a crap. You blog girl!

Louisehaujac said...

That's why people vent and yeah to talk about what is going on with them, it is like a dairy for everyone to read so anyone with a journal or dairy is self- cantered and narcissistic? If only Anne Frank had a blog.

and_she_makes_four said...

Jaime, I read your blog whenever I can because in all reality, I get to have a guaranteed smile. I'm not sure why your "friend" would think your blog would be all about you, after all, it's your blog and usually when people blog it's because they want to talk about life in general. Don't worry about them, no good deed goes unpunished.

Keep blogging because I will keep reading.

Lots of love OBFF!


Tamzin said...

HAHAHAHHA I love it. Errrmm, you blog is even titled with MY LIFE.... what was this trolls expectation?

Perhaps we should start using the third person to blog about ourselves.

Yes, that is what Tamzin will do now.


Missy said...

Are we related to this complainer? Hope not. I love reading your blog. It's always great. And Luke! He looks just like "Little Kenny" did. What a doll! Of course, your whole family is gorgeous.

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

whoo hoo! I got quoted! isn't that the ultimate blogging compliment? And I have to say my husband was crying over the twinkie holder post! You rock!

Anonymous said...


Sunny ;D said...

Sometimes I think that the people who make such assertions are the kind that are filled with the greatest insecurity. They are intimidated by those who are able to own their flaws. I've come to realize that those who are truly courageous are those who are willing to admit weakness and work activly to over come.

And you're absolutely correct, you have forced no one to read about your life. Write on, you're an inspiration to me. xoxo

Mrs.Misuraca said...

Sorry I am late to put my comment in on bad!

As a fellow blogger myself (even though my consistency with writing it daily still leaves something to be desired)... :)

I can say that I like to think of it as sharing and relating. If even just one person or mother or friend of mine reads what my challenges are or what I have done to get through a rough day...and if that perhaps gives that person some encouragement, or puts a smile on there face or even if it makes them cry at least I know I am relating to other human beings...we all have the same overall fears, stresses, hopes and dreams for the most part and sharing these things in our day to day lives is what helps us to all be a little more tolerable, or understanding of others...thats what I like to think it's all about. That and of course that it does feel oh so cathartic to be able to put down in writing what you are thinking or going through or to share your joys of your day with others.

Keep up the good work!!- I love reading about your day- Plus I feel like sometimes thats the only way with both of our hectic lives that we get to stay in touch and to be able to know how you guys are doing. It makes me feel like I get to talk to you all the time- And I love it! :)

~micahgirlaz~ said...

I love this blog. I'm not good at keeping up on blogs, but I'm eternally grateful for yours. :)

Dah Gooz said...

Too bad your friend couldn't be happy for you. Maybe you could offer to write something about her? I find the best way to disarm people is throw the ball back in their court. Maybe suggest she start her own blog and write something for yours. She will either dismiss it and you will have diffused her, or she will get a taste of how wonderful it can be to blog, appreciating ourselves and others dear expressions, and help her to grow as a person.