Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twinkies = Big Butt

So almost two years ago, Tina broke my CD player in my van (she tries to blame Sydney, but I know she did it..nice try Tina)...and because I'm so cheap, I have never taken the car in to get it fixed...you know money for diapers, wipes and internet kinda take precedence over money to fix CD player.
So about two weeks ago, Luke is screaming in the back of the car so I walk all the way to the back and hand him whatever he's screaming for and I back myself back to the driver's seat. Well in the process, my rear end hits the middle console which houses the CD player and I hear this sound...the sound of a CD ejecting from my radio. HOORAY, the CD player is fixed. So I call Scott to tell him the good news and his response "cool, all those Twinkies you ate paid off".

Well the point of this story is this: Twinkies are an Addiction (not sure how the point of the above story got to this point, but I didn't know how to tie the two in).

My cousin Jana came into town last weekend and brought me a gift. A twinkie holder. She knows I love twinkies and thought I might happen to need a holder one day for one of my twinkies. Okay, why is this starting to sound sexy...okay, back to the story.

How do you like the Horse's Butt in the background?

How fitting.

So last night I'm at the grocery store and I see Twinkies are on sale. I NEVER EVER buy these. For several reasons. 1) they are disgusting, in a good way, 2) I do think they are expensive and usually only buy them when we go to Mexico, and 3) you can't just stop at one!

So I'm thinking...well I do now have my holder and it would be pretty fun to try it out so I buy a box. I bring the box of Twinkies home and my kids FREAK OUT! Seriously folks, I'm not kidding...it was like a bunch of dogs to a bone. I'm the mean mommy that doesn't buy grody sweets like Twinkies or Sunny Delight...yuck. I do buy the occasional candy bar or granola bar and I do have my own stash (more on that later), but I really don't buy crappy stuff like Twinkies. If we want dessert, I just bake something.

Anyhoo, today the boys both went down for a nap at the same time...HALLELUAH...and nap time means snack time. So where do I go...straight for the twinkie box...and eat...not ONE...but TWO twinkies. Not even one of them made it into the cozy little twinkie holder. Geez...I got problems!
Side note: This kid Ian HERE is cute! I guess he has my problem too.


Mrs.Misuraca said...

Well first of all I LOVE that song. Where ever did you find that little gem?
And you wouldnt know it but I too like twinkies alot but I dont buy them or junk food very often. However I did just see at the store the other day that Weight Watchers now has a twinkie dessert. I really like the other ones they have out- ESPECIALLY the little carrot cake bars - YUMMY! So maybe check those out and than its the pleasure without so much of the guilt ;)

Anonymous said...

I once saw Jaime and Lisa in Mexico put the whole Twinkie in their mouth now that's talent .....MAD SKILL'S I MUST SAY.

My crazy crazy life said...

Anonymous...do you want to know my other talents???

TinaB said...

hahahaha I'm cracking up. For the record SYDNEY did it.

Sunny ;D said...

Mrs. Horton how is it that we were not best friends as well?

One late night riding home from my first ever real live arena concert ~ Coldplay! I had the most insane craving for a twinkie. So I made the car group stop at 7 11 for twinkies, a coke and yes I know it's gross but it's true... beef jerky! Not the usual diet mind you but Twinkies forever hold a place in my heart... and around my waist! Hum, maybe I should call it my twinkie top instead of the muffin top.

Mary Schneider said...

Did you really fix the CD player with your butt??!! That's fantastic!

I'm all about "guilty pleasures" in life, but I have to say...I'm not with you on this one. Twinkies? Really?

However, I did buy a pumpkin pie at Costco yesterday and it's gone. Benji and I ate the whole thing! How many calories do you think is in one of those things?!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious.