Monday, December 22, 2008

The Great Cookie Disaster

So I love to bake...especially in the winter. Cookies are my weakness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cookies. There is no cookie I won't try and especially now since I have my cooking blog, I'm always looking for new recipes. So I found this yummy sounding cookie from this blog called Picky Palate. They were called Chocolate Cinnamon Crispers.

The recipe called for cinnamon chips. Now when I read this, I got all excited, because I remember that I had some cinnamon chips in the spice cabinet. I had bought them from this co-op that I buy fruits and veggies from. I'm not sure why I bought them...I'm sure they were cheap and I figured I would use them some time. I wasn't even sure what they were for but, needless to say, I had them so I was going to try the recipe out.

I got all the dough mixed together and got ready to stir my cinnamon chips in and noticed that they were kinda hard. I nibbled on one and as it moistened in my mouth, it did become a little softer. I figured they would just soften up in the baking process. So I proceeded. I baked them up. They smelled awesome and they looked super yummy. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into one. I let them cool. I bit into one and almost broke a tooth. I thought...what the heck? So I kept eating it thinking maybe, just maybe I had gotten a bad chip. I ate the whole cookie, but it was hard...hard to eat that is. I kept chomping down on hard bits.

Well I didn't proceed with the rest of the mix. I was worried.

Scott came home from work and this is how the conversation went:

Scott: Smells good, what are you making?

Jaime: I was making cookies but I almost broke a tooth when I bit into one.

Scott (laughing): Well what did you put in them.

Jaime: These cinnamon chips that I bought from Bountiful Baskets.

Scott: Let me see them.

Scott examines the chips

Scott: Jaime, these are obvious WOOD.

Jaime: Really???

I go straight to the computer and look up these so called cinnamon chips...and lo and behold...I had eaten an entire cookie full of POTPOURRI.

I'm an idiot!!!

(What's your cooking disaster?)

Update: This is what I was supposed to use:


Sunny said...

haha! is that what cinnamon chips are? wood?

Val aka Mom said...

I hate to laugh but this is hilarious. Better than the time you baked the spatula in the cornbread. Grandpa would have loved these goof-ups since he thought he was the perfect cook. Well he was.

TinaB said...

Or when Jana melted the spatula in her carmel corn. Ya Jana I told your secret, and she served it.

~Wrenn~ said...

At least you will smell good hahaha!!! That is the best story I have heard in a while.

Anna Lefler said...

Wait a minute! I just figured out why I keep choking whenever I eat one of the walnut brownies I just baked... After I spent all that time sawing up the limbs, too!

Dang it.

Merry Christmas!

:^) Anna

Kaitlin said...

LOL!! That is too funny! I love it =)

adlibby said...

That is hilarious! LOL! And totally something that I would do! My biggest cooking disaster? Hmmmm... I've made a lot of bricks in my kitchen. =)

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!


Nicole's crazy Blog said...

love it! I needed a good laugh today! glad you were here to foot the bill!