Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Got Forked!!! What is that you may ask!

So a few months back we came home to this:

And this:


Here I am thinking wow, whoever did this got us good!!!
...well because we had to bend over and pick up like a million forks...okay, not really...more like a hundred. But, but by the time I was back was thinking it was a million.

And then it rained so it was mushy. The toilet paper hung in that tree for days...okay, maybe a few weeks. We're the neighbors you HATE to live next to.

So while I'm thinking someone got us good this time...we had no idea what was in store for later. Stay tuned!!


Buster's Pearl said...

I was wondering what having your house "forked" meant when I saw that - how time consuming!!! I hope the kids helped y'all pick those up!!

~micahgirlaz~ said...

I'm sorry but some pranks just aren't funny. Ok, most pranks aren't funny. >:-(

and_she_makes_four said...

Those boys need girlfriends!

Mary Schneider said...

It's actually pretty funny, when it's not your house.

I hope you get sweet revenge!