Sunday, March 15, 2009

Celebrate With Us!

Jaime and Jen Dish (formerly J&J Dish It Out), just blogged their 100th post. In the blogging world, that's HUGE! We are so excited so pop over and visit and celebrate with us. Leave us a comment or grab a pen and paper and find something to eat for dinner tonight!


Chef E said...

You too are gorgeous! Come on over for dinner, you so dressed up and I have some food waiting (for an army!)

Grégoire said...

Congratulations. It's an impressive blog, and there are quite a few awesome recipes over there. I'm putting it in my favorites for future reference.

Mary Schneider said...

Congratulations. What a great hobby the two of you have. I need to take more time to cook. Jacob has been on to make "something new" for dinner. Rude, huh?! He's 12 and he's making dinner request....he's lucky I feed him at all. I should show him Sydney's blog and tell him to make his own freakin dinner!