Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're Baaaack!

We came

We Saw

We Conquered

And it was a blast!

Favorite part of the trip:

Tower of Terror for sure!

And watching Dylan on "It's a Small World Ride"

Sooooo cute!!!

Worst part of the trip:

(Besides Dylan loses his shoe the first day and then peeing all over his socks that night and paying $12.00 for a pair of socks (well I for sure wasn't spending $30 on a pair of plastic Buzz Lightyear tennies and I for sure wasn't going to pay $35 for a pair of Disney crocs with fur...it'll be 110 in AZ before we know it and he will never wear those again)

Definitely the Tiki Room...I never realized how lame it was.

It was nice to get away with just me, Scott and the kids. We rarely do that because both Scott and I come from very large families and vacation with them both. It was a good time and I'm glad we made it work.


~micahgirlaz~ said...

So I'm guessing your Facebook updates were more for venting and not your overall mood on the trip? ;)

I'm glad you had fun family time! :D

Welcome back! I missed you!

Buster's Pearl said...

I'm so glad you & Scott did that - like I said - you're kids will LOVE you for that extra-special attention and time with you guys!!! Your trip sounds like it was a blast, overall. :-}

Glad you're back!

Sunny Dawn said...

ok I won't be offended that you wouldn't let us meet up with you ;)

glad you had a good time, hope the kids loved it.

Chef E said...

When that ride 'T of T' came out my son, hubby, daughter and I got on, but when the girl said anyone want to get off or have heart problems, my daughter and I ran as fast as we could to the exit door, and never looked back, lol

Then I got talked into that 'Aerosmith' roller coaster ride by hubby years later...omg'd is all I have to say!

Mary Schneider said...

How fun! Dylan's face on that ride is adorable. I love Disneyland....Space Mountain is my favorite.

Mrs.Misuraca said...

Family vacations when the kids are young are the makings for the best memories! :) Love the matching Mickey T's- very cute!
BTW...I LOVE your two tops (Black & White ones) in the photos? I happened to buy the same ones right before we went to Florida. I love them cause you can where them casual or with a skirt for service or meetings.
Glad to see you guys had a fun & safe trip! It is always the best to see there first reactions to the rides when they are little-especially small world with all the music and lights! I just recently found and watched the video from Austins first trip to D-Land and riding on that ride-he was 9 months old I believe and it brought back alot of good memories for sure- they are sooo cute at that age....what happened? lol