Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sydney's Cooking For Kids Blog

So ever since I started a cooking blog, Jaime and Jen Dish, with my good friend, Jen Ragan...Sydney has taken a HUGE interest in this whole cooking thing. Not that she hadn't before. She's always been inerested, but she pretty much would sit on the barstool in front of the counter and just watch Scott or I prepare the food. Now she has definitely wanted to become more hands on.

Sydney's friend Kaylee was over a couple of months ago and mentioned something about "Sydney's Cafe"..I asked her what it was. She told me that Sydney wanted to learn how to bake and when she got older, open up a little cafe and call it Sydney's Cafe. And that her and Kaylee would work there together. I thought that was so cute! Kaylee loves to cook too!

So I told Sydney that everytime she helped me make something or if she made something herself, I would take pics and blog it. She asked me if she could have her own cooking blog. A blog just for kids. Of course, I was all over that idea. Just think...Food Network hasn't even delved into this type of genre...Kids in the Kitchen. I'm thinking I should call them up and put a bug in their ear. I think it would be a huge success. What do you think?

Well here it is...Sydney's cooking blog debut:

Sydney's Cafe

Just click on "Sydney's Cafe" and it will take you right to her blog.


Joie de vivre said...

She's so cute too with the scarf and the fancy necklace, very Giada-esque.

The Mommy and Daughter Family Chefs said...
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Buster's Pearl said...

Jaime, this is so exciting that she's actually launched her blog! Chatelaine and I look forward to following along and see all the cooking she does! :-}

jinxxxygirl said...

This is too cool! And your right something Food Network should jump all over. Really surprised they haven't already. Good luck Sydney! Jinx!

Deezy said...

What a GREAT idea!! Sydney has always reminded me of her fabulous mother!! Now she's following in your blogging footsteps :). How cute and fun is that!! I'm going to show Brad and Brook tonight and they can start following her blog. Brad loves to cook and maybe it will inspire Brook to start helping out in the kitchen too!
Luv ya Syd...see you on ur BLOG!,

Mary Schneider said...

Sydney is so adorable. I could totally see her running her own eatery. How great would that be to have a teenager in the house that loved to cook?!

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Harv Kay said...

This is a good blog. Continue to keep up the good work. Its exactly, what http://www.1teachingkids.blogspot.com recommends too. Its about kids and the magic of cooking and the kitchen.

Jenn said...

Hi! You have a great blog. I just found you through Google and I love it:) Hope you can take a minute and Follow back!!


Jeremy Brown said...

Sounds like a great idea for cooking with kids! Thanks for sharing! I'd like to invite you to our party, Fantastic Thursday. http://www.fivelittlechefs.com Hope to see you there!