Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skate or Die!

So we found this ramp at a yard sale for $10. I was probably more excited to find it than Scott and the boys were. Growing up we had a huge half pipe in our back yard. My dad built it for my brothers to skateboard on. Well in about a week, as soon as that thing was done, we were like the most popular kids on the block. Most of the neighbor kids played on that thing for hours every week. It was super fun....that was until my dad heard weird noises at night and found half the neighborhood kids in our backyard having a skate party on the ramp...can you say LAW SUIT!? So after that my dad had to pull a chain across it and lock it up at night so we didn't get the pants sued off of us for some punk kid breaking his neck.

Well Gavin is still learning his way on the skateboard but he totally rocks it on the roller blades. He couldn't wait to get home from the yard sale that day and try out his mad skillz on that ramp.

He was very afraid at first...and the first couple of jumps were SCARY! But within about 10-20 minutes, the kid was jumping leaps and bounds across that thing. It was so funny watching him.

He was almost practically doing the splits every time he came off that ramp.
And one point, every time he would jump in the air he would look like a super hero.
Because I was worried about him smashing his face in, I pulled the ramp next to the grass. Well that didn't last long. Once he learned his moves, that ramp was pulled out to the street. Cars were swerving around it to get by. And of course, our house has become the most popular now because of the ramp.

But as long as the ramp is in the street, they can break their necks...it's not on my property...not my problem! So skate away...I'm a cool mom like that!

Of course Dylan and Luke tried to get in on that action.

Dylan is either really scared in this picture or he's take a poop! Poor kid never gets any privacy doing his bidness.

"Hmmm, yeah, I think I'll try this out"
"Whoa, this looks a little bit harder than I thought"
"Maybe if I teeter the skateboard up here and then just jump on it, I might catch some air"
"Well maybe if I just slightly slide my body down it won't be so dangerous"
"Oh forget it, I just cannot do this...this skateboarding bizness is for the birds"
Oh and there was NO WAY Scott wasn't going to try out his old 80's moves.
Oh dear lord, I see yet another injury in our future.

Yeah right poser...but it does look pretty SA-WEET!!!


~ * ~ Only Me ~ * ~ said...

you ARE such a cool mom! Go Gavin! :-} Luke & Dylan will be following his footsteps VERY soon!

Mary Schneider said...

My boys have been through a couple of those ramps in the past few years. Sarah just found another one for them at a yard sale. We'll have to bring ours over and let the boys have a skate party. You and I can hang out on the sidewalk and be Skate Bettys (ha, that's funny).

Go Gavin!!

TinaB said...

The girls wanna come to the skate party, I'm there.

Chef E said...

My son wanted one, and still has the one we built together. I call him to see what he is doing, and I hear the roar of the wheels on the street...and he is 22!

Mary Schneider said...

I'm sorry...I had to pop back on here....IS THAT A KNEE BRACE ON SCOTT??? Seriously, keep that boy AWAY from the ramp!

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

I love that Scott was doing this with an Ace bandage around his knee. Way to forshadow the events results. Or was it like carrying an umbrella in hopes to ward off rain? An ace bandage to ward off injury?

Hey and I cannot seem to ever remember to buy steamer bags!!! Its not like I'm not at the store every freakin' day!

ps-glad you blogged today not just FB;)

Sunny Dawn said...

I find it difficult to believe that it was or is the skate ramps that make your house the most popular house on the block.