Monday, May 4, 2009

Day One AGAIN!!! Grrrrrr!

I'm on day One of the South Beach Diet again.

I'm in a really really bad mood!!!!

Any ideas or suggestions for the next two fun filled carb-less weeks?


Chef E said...

Love the photos to tell your angst!

I share your mood too :(

Jenifer (and_she_makes_four) said...

You're always in a bad mood? What's the difference from when you were eating carbs to now?

My crazy crazy life said...

Jen, you're going to think bad mood when I see you afraid, be very afraid!!!

Mary Schneider said...

About the only thing that helps is to eat frequently throughout the day. And, find something that is low carb that taste like a sweet and treat yourself once a day. I used to drink Hansens Diet Root Beer. I know you don't like diet soda's, but it might help you get through the next few weeks. They almost taste like rootbeer floats....almost.

You can do it!!! Your just going to have to distract yourself and keep busy....that shouldn't be too hard for're always busy!

If all else fails, come on over to my house and we can have a "bad mood" contest! I bet I'd have you licked!