Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm the WORST Blogger

I started this blog to keep our extended family updated on our progress and to have a somewhat journal of my children's life...well, I'm failing miserably. It's hard being a mom with 4 kids and a Facebooker...haha, seriously I need to get a grip on that addiction STAT!


Sunny Dawn said...

It's incestuous! Infecting the mind and sucking you in like a giant black hole. Grab on to anything you can lady and hold on before we lose you forever. I miss your blogging!

Jenifer (and_she_makes_four) said...

You can't even be sick without posting it on Facebook. yes, we have issues.

~ * ~ Only Me ~ * ~ said...

it's so true!! every time I think "that's it! I'm deactivating my account and just blogging!" ...I have a panic attack! hehehehe

I'm with Sunny! I miss your blogging!