Monday, January 4, 2010

Where Have You Been???

I've been getting this question alot...and I have no real good answer....I've been busy, but I could not begin to tell you...with what. I need to get back to blogging though. I've missed so much and my online journal to my kids is severely lacking. It's like they just missed 6 months of their life :(

I'm going to do a big quick recap in my next posting and hopefully I can keep up with this darn thing. I need to prioritize it though. It's important to I need to JUST DO IT!!!


Nicole said...

I love that comic strip. I gotta say I miss your adventures with cinnamon chips and whatnot. You know how to spin a good tale that facebook doesn't quite capture!

Jenifer (and_she_makes_four) said...

Sometimes I forget we have a cooking blog and personal blogs. Life is getting WAY TOO BUSY!

Jaime said...

It's's ruining our life!!! :)

All these darn farms and all the meals to cook and the islands to tend to. UGH, what's a woman to do!